The Old Tried and True: Devil’s Food Cake Cookies

If anyone has ever watched Good Eats, you would know that he has a whole other personality that comes out during his show on devil’s food cake.  Okay, yeah, he has a whole bunch of different characters and ideas that make you learn the science behind food and not just about the recipes.

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Guiltless Gourmet: Two Ingredient Oatmeal Cookies

Alright people, let’s hear some honesty.  Anyone ever left bananas on the counter for WAY too long?  Yeah, you can all put your hands down now.  We’ve all done it whether it was from a healthy choice left in the dust or something you thought you really needed when you got to the store and then forgot when you got home.  Don’t throw away those little treasures!  (If you seriously do throw them away, I need to come have a chat with you asap…)  This is one of those recipes that will prove that you can eat good and be frugal.

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Pull That Pork!: Chipotle-Honey Pork Tenderloin

So, this is starting a new feature (even though this thing isn’t even old enough to have an old feature…) about Pinterest favorites and recipe trials.  Here’s how it is: I paid a crap ton of money (approximately $80) for a library membership and I’m darn-well using it.  This means that I’ve read tons of cookbooks, along with other things, and have too many recipes to try in at least a year.  so, I’m sharing the ones I do make with you people.  I don’t even know you people, but I’ll share anyway.  See?  I can be nice.

Anyway, this is one of those feel good guy-food recipes that still makes the ladies happy.  Men want hot and spicy meat goodness, and the ladies generally want a not-crabby man and something that gets them to that point with the least work possible.  Is that just me?  Maybe…  This recipe does all that and more.

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Turning Japanese: Chicken Teriyaki

I’m still figuring out this whole blog thing, so bear with me.  There are so many cultures in the world that differ from the American culture (and yes, this is something I’ll probably touch on in the future) as you probably and hopefully know.  If you don’t, here are some quick steps: Pull off the rock that you’re stuck under, perhaps take a shower if it’s a muddy place, and then really walk around your average Walmart for a good people watching show.  Better?  Good.  (Should I note that I’m a little sarcastic at times?  No?  Hmm…)  This difference has caused wars…and festivals.  Namely, Japanese festivals and Comic/Manga/Anime Conventions help to shorten the span between cultures.

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That First Step…

…is a doozy.  From little children to the elderly, every single person on this planet is going somewhere every minute, hour, second.  Maybe most of us just get up, eat, work, eat, work some more, eat again, and sleep, but there are people out there that do…well, MORE!  People who look for opportunities to learn around every corner: as cheesy as that sounds.  Why all the nostalgia of something so simple?  This blog is a tribute to that spirit of exploration and adventure that every life leaves to be desired.  And this time I’m speaking literally in MY life, but I also want it to be somewhere people can go exploring with me.  So where does that put you, the reader of this silly post?  Hopefully, I’ve inspired you to do something in your own life…or at least stay with me in this adventure to see where it goes.  Jeeze, I hate to say it, but: You only live once

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